UPDATE from Callin’ Out On Etsy – Resell on Etsy all you like, nothing ever happens! Heres Proof

These companies have been called out on Etsy a number of times. They are still flourishing and even getting bigger. This proves that set up right, you can resell on Etsy all you want, and nobody cares while you are piling up extra money in the bank. Thats right! Your customers will pay more because you are selling on a site where things are supposed to be handmade by artists even though they are really mostly factories in Asia, or people in the USA that are buying cheap goods from Asia to resell as their own. If you are “out of work” and have been for awhile, this could be an easy way for you to get back into the groove.

Resell on Etsy  – repeat it 10 times after every meal till it becomes a mantra. Since everybody is doing it, even people that have been removed from other sites for illegal activities, what not give it a try. Resell on Etsy! Resell on Etsy! Resell on Etsy.

This was all posted on the Blog Callin’ Out on Etsy before the blog stopped updating.


Here is an update on shops that have been called out. One person owns all these shops under different names. They also changed the names after being called out here. Here is the update.


this shop has been called our here a number of times. They tried to shake it by changing their name to fakeguageorganics

The same owner had this shop removed, he was selling junk from China. He now is coming back selling the same earrings.


He has made his photos to look like other peoples photos. Blinggo was removed for a short time for violations.

This shop now has come back. It was organicdreams before, same owner


Now look at Thaisaket, the same people with a different story. Look at their early
feedbacks, this was an earring seller.



this shop has been a reseller from the first day. He got smarter, went after other clothing sites by copying their styles and photos, all of which he buys in the local market.

He is not running a 50% sale and shipping DHL. Does that sound like a reseller?

Here is another site run by these people.


Once again, goods you can buy on Ebay, websites, or just about anywhere. They are claiming they make these goods. They have 5 sites I am showing you, probably more, all with different names, ATM cards, that is how people expand. They are selling $365,000 a year or more, not to mention they screw up the market for honest people making stuff.
They should be gone yesterday.

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Why you cannot get rid of Etsy resellers, here is an example, Etsy protects them, and they can lie as much as they want.

they have been called out a number of times on this site, but they continue to provide fake proof that they are making stuff. The own a number of sites on etsy under different names.

Lets look at their proof:


If you look at all the photos you will realize several things.

Nothing actually got made. This is a photo of a slave labor shop. I don’t think they are making haren pants there. There is a photo of a very expensive sewing machine that nobody is using. Shops like this in Thailand, there are 20 on every block. You got people
with sewing machines out in front of grocery stores, in front of barber shops, at swap meets, everywhere. It would be very easy to rent the services of one of these shops to sit and take photos in their shop. If you are old enough, you can remember harem pants back in the 70s. Made in India, Nepal, China, mostly in big factories with slave labor. This is where they are made, not in this blog shop. This is the kind of useless evidence that etsy takes.

You can find all of Marks clothing on Ystreet Fashion on facebook. It is all made in China and can be had for less than $10 US. Anybody can buy it to resell.

All of his clothing is bought at this shop who has a website.

This shop is across from the UOB bank in Pratunam Market, in the basement, it is a pink shop.

here is the info of what you can find shipping in this market.

Rising an impressive 88 storeys high, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel is Thailand’s tallest building. A distinctive feature of Bangkok’s skyline, it also marks the spot for one of the city’s all-time, favorite pursuits: Shopping! A scandalous variety of goods are on offer.

thaisaket, pinksandcloset


Posting companies here will NOT always get them removed. Here is a seller with a bunch of different names making $3-$5K a day selling stuff from China and Bali. They came here to whine, but nothing ever happened and it is business as usual. They changed the name of their shops to try to shake off unhappy people.



This vendor came to this site, laughed and just went back to raping the public over
the cheap goods that he sells. The earrings in this shop are some of the cheapest made
in Bali.

Do you really want to get rid of resellers on Etsy?
Do some work. When you see people reported here, keep reporting them till they are gone. None of these sellers are cutting them in half and installing posts. They do that right in Bali for free.
Read the profiles on these sites. They reek of BS.
People try to hide, so they give conflicting details about what they do and who they are. Its a game. When this person came here they tried to divert the attention away from themselves and wanted to know why people don’t say why they were kicked off etsy. That is all they had to say for themselves. Nada………

Let me say the following to that.
If I was an artist, I would probably not want to be on etsy. I would keep doing local shows as I have been doing in the Northwest.

If I was a reseller, Etsy looks like a good place to dump a lot of garbage like people do on Ebay. They don’t sell you the good stuff, they sell you what they cannot sell on Ebay. Same on Etsy, but they sell it for more money.

Am I on esty now? I am a consultant. I consult people that might want to sell on the net and that includes etsy. I would have told my clients, be an artist if you like it and can afford it. Don’t have pre-conceived ideas about companies that want to make money off of you. The worm can turn, or you can get lucky. If you want to make a lot of money, you better know how to promote, you better have a team of helpers, and you had better be able to tell some good stories. An no matter what you can do, there is somebody right behind you, younger, smarter, and more deadlier. Also, don’t write off very old people either. I have talked to some people 70-89 also on etsy doing OK and happy about it.
If you get kicked off of Etsy, just get a new computer, atm card, phone number, address, and name like all the others are doing. Take it as a grain of sand. If you had a bunch of stuff you bought just to sell on Etsy and you think you are stuck with it because you cannot sell it anywhere else, then you are an idiot and never should have been on etsy in the first place. You had a bad business plan. If you are a reseller and you get called out, don’t defend yourself like an idiot. Everybody knows. Just take it in stride as part of being in the shady part of the net business. The pros know, oops, my site went down, i have to shuffle my stuff around and start over. That is what the vendor in the top does. We watched several people play around on Etsy and all of that will be in my forthcoming book about cutthroat business on the Net.


Thaisaket, earringchest

A word to the poster of this- you simply post in the comments or email us but you don’t need to copy and paste your message over and over. Once is fine. Thanks! -ECO

I am not sure how I can be a member to post here. I thought etsy had 1300 people reporting and wanted more, after I reported this person they kicked me off. All his stuff comes off wholesale websites, its so obvious. What do I have to do to get some help or get him on the reseller list on this site?

Here is the info on the shops Thaisaket and earringchest, they blatantly sell stuff off websites. All the stuff is handmade in China, however, they employ 14-17 year olds and pay them $80 to $100 a month. They sleep and eat in the factories. It is believed that younger people are sharper and put more work out, especially women. Help out to report this person. All the information is there about the websites they buy from. Earrings from Bali and Clothing from Thailand and China is some of the worst resellers on etsy. Just read the stupid feedbacks, things like, poor quality, (sure, it was $5 or less and you paid $35-$50 plus $20 shipping) or, size was wrong (sure it was, they try to sell you the fact it fits everybody, but in fact, it dont. They don’t bother to get rid of the neutrals and negs because they sell enough, its OK for some people to get screwed. Or slow shopping,(sure it was, in some cases, they dont have the money to carry merchandise, they have to go find it when they sell it) Look at Thaisaket, the stock numbers are almost the same as on the wholesale website. You know what that means……. this site may not have the item in stock!!!!! Look at the data, does this not make you mad that you are buying $5 items for $50? How about the earrings, $1-$2 each and you pay $8-$!5. Just enjoy wasting your money! If you don’t report them, your friends and esty family will become victims of this reseller. It must be addictive to lose money, right?

Don’t forget to call out these shops, I have an update. Thaisaket on etsy just opened anyonesfashion, claiming to ship from the USA, when in fact the people claim to be making stuff in Thailand. All of his clothing is bought at this shop who has a website. http://www.weloveshopping.com/shop/s_product.php?page=5&shopid=112738&groupproduct=all This shop is across from the UOB bank in Pratunam Market, in the basement, it is a pink shop. here is the info of what you can find shipping in this market. Rising an impressive 88 storeys high, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel is Thailand’s tallest building. A distinctive feature of Bangkok’s skyline, it also marks the spot for one of the city’s all-time, favourite pursuits: Shopping! A scandalous variety of goods are on offer, with something for everyone – no matter how deep or shallow your pocket may be. One of Bangkok’s most colourful and chaotic areas, and famously popular for its fashion factory outlets, street markets, bazaars and armies of local vendors, Pratunam offers bargain prices for all kinds of clothing, apparel, fashion accessories, shoes, watches, jewellery, belts, luggage and then some. Read more: Pratunam Information Guide http://www.bangkok.com/pratunam/#ixzz1ldTC9xLi so, feel free to report this shop. Why should this person sell $1000 a day and only resell? They have an earring shop also. Look up earringchest on etsy. All of their earrings can be found on this site. He shops here also, http://chaotictrading.com/category.php?cat_id=4 and here http://organicbodypiercing.com But look here, almost all his earrings can be found here! http://www.bodytouchonline.com All of these shops for earrings are located on Khao San Road a tourist area where you can find wholesale clothing, jewelry, silver, cheap food and hotels. Check the sites, you will see most of his earrings he says he makes on these sites. Peace and Love, Raven I have an update also. All his clothing on Thaisaket, and they now sell $2000 a day, came from a wholesale shop in thailand called “Chicky” There are photos of his clothing in one article about this shop.

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All of his clothing is bought at this shop who has a website.


This shop is across from the UOB bank in Pratunam Market, in the basement, it is a pink shop.

here is the info of what you can find shipping in this market.

Rising an impressive 88 storeys high, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel is Thailand’s tallest building. A distinctive feature of Bangkok’s skyline, it also marks the spot for one of the city’s all-time, favourite pursuits: Shopping! A scandalous variety of goods are on offer.

Here is another one of their shops on etsy.


these two shops are just copies of dozens of other similar shops who resell, plus 100s of similar shops on Ebay. Just take a look. You can find the same clothing, same cloth and sizes just about everywhere.

The name should be everwheresclothingmarkedup

This shop is owned by the same person here claiming they are making earrings. The changed their name from theearringchest to avoid people like us reporting them.


do you really think a white boy from Henderson, Nevada is sitting at a workbench in Thailand making earrings?

You only need to look here to see this guy is full of twinkies.


On this site, you can find all the links to earrings that are sold my Mark and Lai.
You don’t have to cut them in half, as he probably sent photos to etsy. They cut them for almost nothing in Bali and give you almost the same price as earrings that are just gauged.

You have to figure, once a liar, always a liar. On Ebay, this same person claims to be a supplier of silver brass biker jewelry, since 2005?

Check Ebay closer, all his stuff is caller silver brass, even though all the same merchandise is being sold by Chinese factories for $7 a ring as stainless steel.
Last time he came to comment on etsycallout, he blamed disgruntled sellers that were kicked off etsy for calling him out. I think this is the same person that had silver brass copies of designer jewelry on etsy, and probably opened a bunch of sites. Ya, this is feedgoodfashion who was selling copies and now sells these copies on Ebay.

This is what etsy allows. Its up to you people to find proof that these people are lying, no matter what they did to try to prove to etsy they are really making the stuff. Etsy is really a joke site, worse than Ebay, maybe down in the garbage with Ioffer that allows the sales of 1000s of copies. What do you think this clothing on etsy is anyway. A bunch of copies. People like these just insult your intelligence.

I see another question coming up on this site. Is a Chinese factory a group of artists?
Nope! Have I ever been inside of a Chinese factory? Yes. They hire young people, often as young as 14, pay them less than $100 a month, they have to sleep in the factory, eat in the factory, and sometimes they don’t pay them for 3 months. If the people quit and leave, they never get paid, that way, the factory can hire and train new people often without paying the old people. That is how most of the clothing is made you see on Etsy. If you can buy i wholesale in Thailand for $5, how much do you think it will sell for in China? Like those $1 shirts from Cambodia that sell for $100 in retail stores in the USA that put their label on them. The imperfect ones get sold in Asia for $2 by the kilo.

People making earrings in Bali are some of the most low paid people on the planet. The often sleep on a pile of leaves and piss out in the jungle. Etsy is a bed of exploitation, not the artists site they pretend to be. That is all clever marketing to do one thing only, make a bunch of money.

So, if you report this guy, make sure and associate him with his partners, feelgoodfashion, earringclub, and a number of other shops that got removed from etsy for reselling and serious copyright violations. If you call up any of his listings you will find out he spams a lot, meaning putting words into his keywords that are not correct for what he is selling.

If Etsy can hook up your reports with people that got removed before, its not that hard to get the people removed. This seller should be removed for a number of reasons. I will give you a list of all his shops soon. Just look at the evidence I have provided, you will see these are dishonest shops supported by etsy, who in reality, don’t care, and are probably suckers for fake information.
See other posts about thaisaket.


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Dirty Tricks for Reselling, Selling On Etsy, MAKE MONEY, BUST YOU COMPETITION! HAVE FUN!

Hello Again,

I would like to spend some time on ways of busting your competition as a seller reseller on Etsy. A lot is said about settling up shop, but very little about dirty selling. As a matter of fact, dirty selling is quite common, not just on Etsy, but everywhere. Lets look at some points.

1. If you are a reseller or seller, “copy your competition quickly!

We have seen this done quite often on Etsy, particularly in clothing and earrings. Since there are dozens of wholesale shops in Thailand, its quite easy to find the product of the competition. That is why you see so many people saying they made the same product! If you cannot find the item, take a photo of their product around. You can also shop it around on wholesale websites. Often, you are only days away from getting the same product they have and are doing well with. You can collect photos of all the products people seem to be selling over and over, and either sell similar products, or order the same thing. One favorite trick is to find a lower grade product and say you have the better one. You can show this by price, promotion, and placement!

2. Bust their price! (If you can afford it) If  you buy more, you will get a better price. If you make it undesirable to sell that item, eventually, you hope your competition will go away! You can even sell items below cost! Why? Because you have to keep re-listing items anyway, costing you money to promote. Why not just sell certain items cheaply. (The very ones your competition is doing well with) What if an item cost you $2 and your competition has been trying to get $10 for it. Once people see the item of .99, they won’t want to pay $10. If you are worried about losing money, just charge an extra$1 for shipping. Make sure your item is seen on the same page as theirs a number of times, and your photo looks as good. We call this “to commonize” a product. People may still buy the product anyway at the $10 price, but you may gain new customers that have never heard of you.

3. Open several stores with the same products, all with a different look, and shadow your competition. Some people on Etsy have 10-20 different stores under different names with different products. These are all re-sellers, not artists. When you see your competition listing an item, you can list one in front of them and one after them, the same or similar item, hoping to take away a sale. Its always better to do this with similar items.

4. Dominate a section with similar items. One way to bury your competition so that nobody finds them is to simply post more than they do. You can even try double posting the same item in different sections. A similar thing to do is to relist 20+ of your items to try to push your competition off the first page! This may or may not work and become costly.

5. Register different names and report other resellers with the same items as you! If you look at the earrings and clothing categories on Etsy, you will find the same items on wholesale sites and on Ebay. Keep a record of your competition. Don’t report too much in one day. Pick an item on Ebay, the same item being sold on Etsy, maybe from a different country and report it. Do it randomly, but be consistent. You may get lucky and remove some people. Right now Etsy is asking a lot more information about your business. Etsy Integrity may have you take photos and put a sign in there saying Etsy Blue to prove you have a shop, workroom, tools and workers. That means now it is harder to take photos off some website to try to prove you are an artist.  Is this to try to keep people from reselling, or is they so they can perpetuate the illusion that they have checked people. Remember the old days, you wanted to get a merchant account and needed a storefront for the bank to examine you? You had to find a small bank, set an office up in your garage and try to convince the bank that you are really in business. After that, you clean out your garage and used the merchant account for something else.  Its similar to this.

6. Don’t register under your name. You can register a business in your own city as Susan Cook doing business as Fred Martin doing business as Max Smith. When you make your checking account, leave off the “Co”, that way the checks will have only the name. Once you have a bank, its easy to get an ATM. If you want to be extreme about it , get the old book “The Paper Trip”. You take the name of a dead person by ordering their birth certificate and creating a whole new ID. This works well for people that don’t want to be known, did something they don’t want to catch up with them, or just for fun! Why leave tracks when you can be a new person. You can even get a new passport this way, start new credit, and throw off people you don’t want finding you

7. Make some websites with the same merchandise as your competition, use that to report them to etsy. Then later, you can post the same styles of clothing or merchandise they had before you eliminated them. I will give you some example of successful stores that are using this technique.  If you really want to be dirty about this, you can set up a website using their photos, saying something like wholesale from China.This may not get them kicked off Etsy, but remember, every step you make adds up. You want to degrade their reputation as much as you can. Be sure and check your competition carefully  to see what rules they are breaking. Spamming is the common thing people do.

Don’t forget, reselling on Etsy is currently more profitable than trying to be an artist. Think of all the years you are saving. Most items also have sweet spots, where they sell only for a period of time. That means when you see and item being sold by too many other shops, or the price is going down too much, you may want to dump it, use it for promotion, search for other products that you can resell on Etsy.  Etsy does not want to lose their top selling merchants, but they don’t want artists to know they condone reselling on Etsy. In fact, it is just as profitable for them as it may be for you. They will do everything they can to keep you as a reseller if you are making them money. Remember, the new rules are not against you, they are to help you, make you more legal! They also don’t want to lose artists, because one of the most profitable businesses on Etsy is to sell supplies for people to make things!  Who makes money before you even get any? Art schools and Art supply shops. The reason that other sites that artists are running to, to set up new shops don’t sell much is because in reality, people want to think they are buying from artists, but want the same price as a Chinese factory. People say they cannot compete with Chinese factories. This is correct. Nobody wants them to. Thats why my dad said be a electrician. Most artists he knows are now driving taxis. Be a reseller on Etsy, it will pay for your art supplies!

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HOW TO RESELL ON ETSY, How to use this site to make money! GOOD for the UNEMPLOYED, Laid OFF!

Hello, I want to take a break from my usual posts to talk about something important. Although my site is just posted for entertainment value, it may be possible that somebody out there can use it to make money. It goes a lot deeper than just reselling a few earrings or clothing items online. You must work at it like it is a regular job, except you are your own boss. Nobody tells you what to do. You can be as creative, or “dirty creative” as you can think up. You are anonymous. You also must have a plan! I have read a number of stories of people that had high paying jobs and have been out of work for 1-3 years. I found it hard to believe. How could somebody that could run a whole section of a large company be out of work for 3 years, lose their home and car, while applying for 100s of jobs and being turned down. You have to figure, with this kind of skill and a little investment capital, a person with this skill level could succeed big time reselling on some of these internet sites. They would also have the skills to camouflage themselves about who they are. They would still have credit or the potential to get a small loan. You don’t have to look like a beginner to resell on Etsy. You don’t have to be in some foreign country and pretend you speak poor English to sell on Etsy. You don’t have to make your photos look like you can’t use a camera. You don’t really need any artist skills. You only need one thing, the ability to work hard, and the ability to appear like you are in control of making things that Etsy allows you to sell in their marketplace. Thats it! Not so hard, but you have to be accurate to make it easy.

If you are “out of work”, and looking for a new job, consider this. Don’t start selling off your assets to try to survive until you can find work! Never let it get that far. My suggestion for people today is to have a “work hobby” they do part time from home. Don’t go full time with it, keep it as a hobby, but build it up in the background while you are working. Give family members the responsibility of helping you while you are growing. Make it fun too! Can a job hobby be as fun as playing golf? SURE! WHY NOT? “MAKE IT FUN” for you and the others around you, if possible. A lot of folks that get laid off , unemployed, may not realize how LUCKY they could be. Here is an opportunity to completely create yourself in a new way! The way you really want to be. Reach back into your memories for everything you ever liked to do, would like to try, and have tried and didn’t have time to succeed. Hobbies have often provided the momentum to launch new careers, independent ones. Yes, I can hear you thinking! You think it is too late for all of this. You are too old. You are too broke. You are too depressed! All I can say is this! Give it up! Don’t be victimized by your thoughts. Put all of that in a paper bag and set this outside of your back door. Then you are ready for the next step, ACTION! 

That was not just a little pep talk. You can create your own reality day by day, Minute by minute. Its up to you. I suspect there are a bunch of 14 year olds reselling on etsy under names claiming they are older. I used to have a friend when I was 11, we shoveled snow together and made a lot of money. One way to make it more easy is to get together with a friend or friends to get your business up and running. Pooling efforts is a great way to make a business. I would say family first if you can, but friends out of work can make it happen too. I have seen companies startup on Etsy and sell 100 items the first month. Items like clothing, that costs maybe $3-$8 and sold for $25 to $60. I will be talking about clothing in my next article. This means, you can make money right away!  Are you ready to TAKE ACTION? Then read on.

Remember, you don’t have to be an unemployed exec to do this. You can start very with little money and a minimum of actual skills, even no skill. If you are ready to take action, here is exactly how to get started. You want to resell on Etsy, or other sites, correct? You will need a digital camera and a tripod. Cameras are so cheap now, you can buy one for under $100, maybe under $50. Some of the older models will work good. I have a friend that does not even use a computer to be on Etsy. He has an old Iphone and uses his phone camera to take photos. His site is very small, but he picks up $1000 a month from his desk at his real job! I would suggest an older 5MP camera, the most expensive one you can afford. Some of the older deluxe models were $1000, and now can be had for $35 dollars on Ebay, and they still work good. You can still find batteries for the better ones, also add-on parts. Buy a cheap tripod, and take your photos outdoors. Earrings are a great profit and easy to photo. You will need a contrasting background like a rock, leaves, or simply on a white piece of paper. The easy thing is, there are already 100s of people reselling earrings on Etsy, Ebay, and other sites.Simply look at how they present the items they are selling and copy the styles you like. Have a problem about copying? Remember this! No matter how hard you try to copy somebody, there are certain judgements made by people that cannot be copied. In the end, it will end up looking like you, not them, since you did it. Your choices are your signature in life. I would take the photos outside, with your back against the sun to avoid shadows. And don’t forget, practice!  If you need inspiration, Etsy themselves has a lot of information available for you to get going. http://www.etsy.com/blog/en/2011/etsy-success-product-photography-for-beginners/ or http://www.etsy.com/blog/en/2010/etsys-guide-to-photography/. There are so many articles on this, it could fill a book. Don’t buy a book, get it all free, online. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa5kAgSIlko or http://www.youtube.com/watchv=TM4zca0NH9M&feature=related . My suggestion is not to stress over this too much. Many people have gone to school for product photography. It has developed into a marketing science. Build up your confidence by spending a day or two just taking photos to build up your skills. If you can take a photo of your friends clearly, you are already to resell on etsy. You only need to crop the photo, or rather to cut out the extra areas around the item you want to sell. I recommend selling earrings or clothing to get started because there are so many examples of how people are doing it, you can emulate the people that are already succeeding at making money. One other thing, Clothing is one of the most sold products on Ebay, Etsy and the internet. Remember, they are making money, SO CAN YOU! Think about it this way. On a site like Etsy, you see a lot of people reselling clothing, earrings and other products directly from their own country, like China, Thailand, Korea,and India.If you start your business in the USA selling the same products, you have a great advantage! People can get the goods faster, shipping is cheap, and people are more likely to trust you because you are in your own country! If you have questions about all of this, feel free to contact us for helpful infomation. If we don’t know it, we will give you a link.

Now that you are ready to take ACTION, I would like to recommend a couple things that will help you get inspired.

1. Buy a small notebook and start a journal. Keep records of your thoughts.

2. Make yourself a “want list” of what you want to acquire! This can be as long or as short at you want it. This is your affirmation that you  are now creating  a positive motion in your life to get what you want. One other thing, if you get anything on that list, be sure and sign it and post a date on the items that came to you!  This will keep your mind positive. You also acknowledge all the good that is about to come into your life or is already part of your life.

3. In your journal, be sure and write down anything pertinent to your growing business and mental health. This could be notes about your competitors, product assessments, sources to get your product to resell, fears of success, new skills you may want to acquire, and just about anything that seems important to you at the moment.

4. A record of what you think you have accomplished, what went wrong, and what you hope to accomplish.

5. One more suggestion, don’t harbor negative thoughts about hurting others. If you do what you do to the best of your ability, money and success will come. People can smell negative energy. Some sites never seem to make it. Something is missing. It could be something as simple as “perceived intention”.  People want to associate themselves with a positive person like them. More companies will drop off into the void of failure every day. The went as far as they could go on their perception. New startups will keep coming. This is called “in and out”. This is the main part of reality that you can depend on! Styles come in, styles go out. This makes you money! Some people will hang on. Like the “hippy days”. Its now 2012, not 1969. And the good news is……… all of that has been recycled! Today everybody is looking to integrate part of their past into their present life. This creates emotional impulsive buys of merchandise, creating you more money! Get in tune with this.

6. Look for fads or trends! Google ” 2012 trends” and write it down in your journal. People want to be apart of what is happening, and people want to include in their life something they were happy with and cannot find easily anymore. Remember, good selling is “finding a need” and then you fill it. You are actually putting positive energy into people lives by helping them find what they think they want or think they need.

Remember, there is nothing like research! There is so much information available today on http://www.google.com      , you can teach yourself all the skills you need to do anything you might imagine, right in front of your TV. Believe me, there are homeless people working right out of their cars they are sleeping in, right in Florida! Some people are sitting in Mcdonalds for the free internet. There are many success stories about people coming up from no money, no job. When the money goes, so will most of your friends. But don’t worry, you will make many new friends as you struggle to pull it together. Research will be one of  your best tools to get yourself going. So, now you say, “hey, I thought you said this was going to be easy?”. Now you got me keeping journals, doing research, learning new skills, and making affirmative want lists! Whats the deal? This is more complicated than I wanted to get involved in? OK, I want to refer you back to my early blogs about “reselling earrings on Etsy”. Yes, it is that simple. Buy some earrings for $500 or less at $1-$2 each and resell them on Etsy. Easy, right? I want to inspire you to go beyond yourself! Remember! Just because you have never been over the hill does not mean that over the hill will not be a better life. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. If you grew up in the ghetto, you now what I am talking about. To get out of your box, out of your limits, you may have to take on new ideas that are uncomfortable at first, right?  I will get back to my original blog soon, this was just a little pep talk about getting going. Get some inspiration from other people on the same path as you. Check out some videos:





There are 100s of these kinds of videos. Remember, one sentence that you may hear, could change your whole life. Everybody has a “hearingness” a filter in their brain that looks at everything they read or hear. Don’t allow yourself to be deaf on purpose. Expand your “hearingnees” to encompass all forms of information. What you may be blocking out may keep you from getting what your really want. We all admit to wanting money? But what for? Just to pay bills? Write down your motivations in your journal. Remember, stay balanced, stay tuned, get into actions, you are only weeks away from the money!

My disclaimer; What I am doing here is stirring up ideas. I don’t profess to be an intellectual. I don’t profess to be a professional. I don’t profess to be experienced. If you find something here for you, that you think you can relate to, take it and run with it. I may never get any further than writing a blog, but this in fact is my “online journal”. There are a lot of folks on the internet telling you that you can make money like them by following them. That is not the point here. You can make money for sure by following others. But I encourage you to follow yourself  and help others when you can. As other people come and join this blog, it will become our online journal.

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Resell on Etsy, How, Why, Cash in on big profits! Part #5, the last post

Yes, this is the last post on earrings, for now. I have more material to present than expected, and this turned into a longer group of postings. I will give you a list of sites to go check out. See below.

Please note that this included people selling “lots” of earrings on Ebay also. Its good money! You buy earrings for $1 each, put then into a job lot, and ask $2 – $3 per pair. It provides a startup opportunity for people to test reselling if they have never done it before. Also note, that one of the people offering wholesale lots is none other than tribalstyle on Etsy. That makes them a corporation, a wholesaler, and a reseller, and they get away with it. This is the person to watch and copy their successful techniques.

On my blog, I will answer questions or provide insight and information, however, I may not be equipped to handle your “ISSUES”. Yes, if you was kicked off etsy or Ebay, I can probably provide you with a solution, or direct you to somebody that can. If you have real issues, I suggest you contact the following websites.


Of all the websites out there about experiences on Etsy, this one takes the cake! It is full of satire, real life situations, useful information, and the people contributing to this site are obviously “at the top of their game”. Worth a look!


Probably a completely dead site. Looks like no action in one year. One good thing about the site is their list of resellers. It appears that most of the people on that list are no longer on etsy. As far as beating up on soap resellers, forget it. There is really no money in selling soap in etsy. We are only interested in items with big easy profits! Right?


This site looks like the real thing, with a slightly feminist feel to it. It appears organized, and right to the point. If you feel like a real loser, you might find some solace there. After awhile, most ex-etsy people realize that the game is over. Time for you to change your computer, your internet, your credit card, your identity, and what you are selling. If you lost money, oh well. Most of these sites are in fact hard to get a post on them. They also have their own agendas, and it may not be saving you. Save yourself.

That is about all the sites there are to respond to about etsy. Pitiful, right? What that means is nobody really cares if you lost your business. Reselling is a word you don’t say and pretend you got that covered. Until a few people jump out windows, and put it on Facebook, nobody is going to notice people getting kicked off Etsy. Which brings up an important question? How many Etsy sellers really did jump out windows or end up homeless after Etsy removed them. I think we will never know since all threads will be silenced!

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Resell on Etsy, How, Why, Cash in on big profits! Part #4

I would like to wrap up this business about reselling earrings on Etsy by giving you other successful examples of people reselling this product and even more sites you can order from to get your products. Probably selling earrings is not for everybody. Remember that this site is for “information purposes only” and possibly entertainment. I don’t really expect people to send off to websites to buy earrings, but if you are unemployed, or losing your home and need some extra money, you may find some inspiration in reading my blog. I will be introducing many other products, their sources, and examples of people marketing them. I are not asking for donations, I are not writing a book (yet), and these are only opinions written into these blog pages. I can only offer you research, including a little comic relief, and you can make up your own minds on the usefulness or connectivity of the information. This information won’t help the world recession, or unemployment in some countries, but it shows that within desperate times, opportunity knocks. I have said these exact words many times in consulting people on business. We can also research new topics and post if you request your wish list.

Please check the following shops on Etsy for information about the kinds of earrings that are reselling.  Some companies are resellers on Ebay and then went into etsy. Some companies simply post their items on every available site that looks profitable. One ploy is to start a bunch of companies under different names with different credit cards and try to look different so you can maximize your exposure and profits. More about that later.

You will want to check out many companies for examples of hot reselling items on etsy. The way to find out what people are selling over and over is to simply navigate to the page of sold items. Those are the items you will want to order since they will produce multiple sales. Make a list, copy the folder to your hard drive, and shop the items around for the best price.


This is a good example of a company that looked one way last year and then copied a number or photo styles, keywords, and earring styles from other venders. What happens on sites like etsy is that several people selling the same thing will renew their listings to fight to be on the first page. A few companies can be seen double posting, and even double posting the same earrings using two or more different shops, trying to trying to make it harder for other shops to be seen. If you think etsy is friendly. Think again. People want money, and to get it, you have to be aggressive and ruthless. Just remember, its only business, and we want to “follow the money”.

Now here is a deal! 40% off on earrings you didn’t make but bought on a reseller website and marked up  6-10 times. How generous! Notice all the references to the word Buddhism. Are we to believe that these are just good Buddhists having a 40% sale to spread a little light and love. These people are slick and professional. It takes skill to present earrings as nicely as they do. This brings us to another important point! “Don’t try to say you are an artist and make it look too professional!” It takes a lot of skills to work on the net. Few people can manage to do all those skills well. Most companies that look professional are hiring 5-10 people to help them work Also, “don’t have 40% sales on items that you want people to believe that you made them”. In reality, you will chase off the very people that have a pocket full of money You are in fact insulting the buyers that want to pay “more money than necessary” for something they want to believe you handmade” Here is the message here – “I am not some old person sitting behind my computer in South Carolina. We are in fact, young, cool, hippie Boho people who are New Age and want you to feel good because selling earrings is related to Buddha. (NOT) Nice ploy, but they stick out like a sore thumb trying to one up everybody with their “charisma” and “good Karma”. Hold on, I suddenly feel all ooey gooey  inside! Here is the listing that drew my attention to this shop.

Its easy to discontinue items you never made, especially when you can buy them for $1-$2 on “Bodytouchonline.com” and still blow them out for $12! My guess is they weren’t selling and should never have been purchased in the first place.

Now here is a rare example of a well maintained shop! They take the same earrings that many other people are selling and make them look “upperclass”. They are not overly greedy either. This is a shop with a statement, and you can feel the love and meditation when you buy there. Good job! Copy this style, but it will take some creativity and effort on your part.


This next shop and “Theearringchest” appear to have the exact same earrings? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well it matters little, but it is an example of a shop that only sells the inexpensive low grade products. Meaning $1-$2 cost per pair of earrings or even less.


Now here is a new shop selling the same earrings. He was not making enough money on Ebay selling treated Jade, here he is reselling the exact earrings with the exact same photos he uses on Ebay. There is a big lesson here. Don’t be lazy. Take new photos. You are too easy to spot as an opportunist!

Nice try, but you will never be a contender, and lets hope you don’t mix your goods on Etsy and try to say you are making bangles. :)

A couple words here. It may not be a good idea to be a reseller on Ebay and transfer your goods to Etsy, using the same name and photos. Many Etsy buyers don’t like Ebay and are hoping to have a better buying experience on Etsy. This guy likes to sell popular earring styles and undercut everybody on prices. Lets look at his real business as a reseller.

This reseller on Ebay has been selling Jade right through the US Embargo on Jade with Burma. In the photo, the one “Natural Jade Bangle” that sold for $60 is treated. Hawaii on Ebay is not the place to buy any Jade. Contrary to popular belief, there is no real Jade coming from China. All the Jade is smuggled in through Rulee into China and later the price goes up from there. I think the US and Burma are now friends, if you want to sell Jade, you may want to check on the Embargo. Most of these kinds of treated bangles can be had for less than $5, often $1-$3 dollars. In fact, a lot of Jade is not Jade at all, but dyed Agate. One trick in China is to take a huge rough stone and implant bits of Jade to make windows in the Agate to sell it as Jade to the unknowing. Now if you want to buy real nice Nephrite carvings or material to carve, China is the place. Some of the modern carvings are masterworks of the culture. Even though most of the old masters of Jade have passed away, new young talented people can be found taking up the profession and putting their own spin of creativity on it.

If you want to create an identity of an artist, do yourself a favor, and don’t be caught selling dubious products. Ebay and Etsy are not that far apart. I believe some ex-Ebay employees are now working at Etsy! Remember now, I am not an expert, but only a researcher. This is just my opinion.

Here is my last offering of people that resell earring examples;


There is a lesson in this last one. They have been on etsy a long long that and have not done so well until lately. They generally have inferior copies of what everybody else is selling. They are selling some of the same earrings on Artfire for as little as $1-$2. They are in fact on their pity potty. The reseller thinks that telling you they are just poor artists working together because they didn’t get their fair share working for the man! I hate to tell ya, but you are not getting your share now. Nobody likes folks that represent yourself as poor underdogs. Venice Beach, Ca is full of street people that had high paying office jobs, some scientists. The word on the street is that the owner is some lady from Indonesia that travels to Bali and other parts of Indonesia to beat down workers to the absolute lowest price. How do we know this? All carvings have a look to them, allowing you to often know exactly what part of Bali or Indonesia they come from and what the quality is. For old times buying Asian goods, they know all the tricks and quality levels too. Its like an artistic signature. Sometimes when Indonesians need money before holidays, they shop around buckets of carved items, often inferior, at give-a-way prices. Don’t you wish you were there to buy up some of these items? This is another seller that is everywhere. Ebay, Etsy, Artfire, Dwanda, and who knows where else. It is either good planning or enthusiastic desperation. The same photos and the same look on every site. Remember, we warned you about that.

Don’t forget to update this in your notes for reselling tribal fake gauges (Earrings) on Etsy. Watching shops do what they do is a great way to hone your reselling skills.
This shop in particular is going through some changes, but they are successful at giving the illusion they are a group of people making these earrings, even though you can buy them very cheap on dozens of websites. This site and the site above in fact have many of the same products. This guy here, if he sees something he don’t have or that is selling well, he makes a poor copy of it and tries to pass it off as the same carved earring. This is a good technique for beating down your competition.
Find a similar but cheaper product and price it up the same and say yours is better. This works in short runs if you want to try it.
I will end this post here, and in the next section, I will give you a list of places to buy these kinds of earrings that have not been mentioned so far.
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Reselling on Etsy for Big Profits; Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my information series.  Are you ready to take a look at reselling in action? Do you want to spend the very minimum, and make the most money? Just imagine, $500 only, you can get 200-500 pairs of hand carved earrings, and “slam, bang, BOOM”, you are in business almost over night. That brings us to main point number 3! “COPY YOUR COMPETITION!” Don’t waste a lot of time trying to be original or professional. It won’t pay off. Find somebody that is selling a lot of something and sell that. There are 100s of examples of earring photos on etsy, and some pro companies are not doing so well. Some of the best photos of earrings are simply photographed on the ground. Digital cameras are so cheap now, you can buy one for under $100. it will work good enough. A lot of photos on Etsy are “out of focus” anyway. You will get your money back and more after the 1st month. Lets look at an etsy store that spends very little on their products, double posts, and appears to reap the maximum amount of profit for their time.

Now, simply direct yourself to this site, or check the photos:


Looks like this this changed their name. As often happens with resellers of merchandise on Etsy, you don’t want to be found out, or called out as sometimes happens, thus, changing your name is one way to draw attention away from yourself as a reseller. We will also give you more tips on this in our new posts. So, to check out this seller, you will not have to go here!


Here is the new logo and new look.

For those doing research on reselling on Etsy, not that the new logo says the name is now a Trademark! Its always nice to pretend that you have a Trademark, but since everybody on Etsy is selling the same earrings, and they all come from Bali, that would be a really good trick to claim you are designing these and your stuff is copyrighted. My suggestion for reselling on Etsy is not to claim anything you cannot prove. You never know when you will be called on to show what you claim to be. We will be updating you with new information as we find it. We will soon publish a web book with all the sources and ideas in it to resell on Etsy.

Just a note here as I see an important lesson for you on the first page! Don’t sell anything that does not relate to what you are trying to sell. That one item that says “vintage, ivory, hand-carved”,its a complete fantasy. Its not ivory, its carved bone, its not old, and its not worth anywhere near $200. The word ivory is the kiss of death. It looks nothing at all like old ivory, most collectors can see that for themselves. People will then have to speculate if this person is honest or not. Don’t show up with anything that will cast doubt on your credibility as an artist!

The first thing I would like you to notice is that this reseller spends very little money on his stock.  He buys almost all of it from one shop online. However, if you look at the other shops on Etsy, you will see many of the same items for sale. Lets see what the vendor says about himself in the profile and if it is believable. Remember if you cannot show credibility, don’t say very much.

OK, they are using recycled bone and horn? What kind of bone would that be and from where? Bali has huge stocks of materials to make earrings and larger carvings. In fact, the materials are in so much demand, some companies have people out scouting for the material. All this material is native to Bali, and I suspect that importing it into Thailand would not be easy or cost efficient. This would be the first flaw in this story. So, they made 2690 sales in one year, but they claim the husband is cutting the earrings. That would be a good trick even for an Indonesian to do. Better to just buy them off a website and not tell anybody, right? Its a long story and sounds like they were laboring to get it all out. In the sales world, less is more! After you look at how many earrings “Tribalstyle” sold in one year, and after you read there profile, it looks like they are doing a lot better spreading a little love and light around. You don’t have to labor to believe their story, and they are making a lot more money! Don’t forget, follow the money.

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Reselling on Etsy for good profits; Part 2

In my last post, I talked about how one earring business on Etsy and Ebay was doing very well reselling earrings they didn’t make, giving the illusion they are in fact the craftsmen for these earrings. There is not a better time to resell on Etsy than right now. There are 1000s of products that are already handmade in poor countries, and you can claim them for yourself. From my research about Etsy, it appears that they are the only ones in the world that do not know all of these earrings are in fact made in Bali. There are copies of these kinds of earrings being made in China and India, but you will have to check that on your own. Go to Alibaba.com.

As promised, I will shows you stores on Etsy that claim to be making these earrings, and I will give you all the sources where you can order them to resell, so you too can go into business. A little information about earrings is needed before we go on. I would like to educate you about the styles, and what is actually going on in Bali with the earrings. The three styles that you will see the most of on Etsy are (1) Gauged Earrings (2) Fake Guages and (3) Stick earrings. Gauged earrings need a hole in the persons ear in order to fit through. This can come in all sizes. 2mm to 25mm or larger. Fake gauges are the same earrings that have been cut, and a pin installed, such that the wearer appears to have a hole in their ear, but does not. Stick earrings, your ear fits into a groove, then a pin goes through the earrings holding it to your ear. The way companies bypassed the rule they had to make it was saying they took the gauged earrings, cut them, installed pins so that they could be worn by the normal ears. However, earrings can be ordered already cut. Companies saying they made stick earrings also are just buying them from wholesale shops and websites and posting as their own creations. Some sites carry many different styles saying it is their work. The fact is, in Bali, people making earrings are very specialized. There is a pecking order and certain people only make certain things that they are good at. And most of the workers in fact move around, and are independent. They often work for more than one shop. So, it is unlikely, even ridiculous, that one shop could say they made all the earrings. My advise to you “specialize in one thing, and have a lot of it”. Fake gauges would be the most logical.

Remember in our last post we showed you a company that was selling $200,000 a year or more? Now lets put than into a financial perspective. Many of the designs only cost $1 US and are being sold for $15! Some items on Etsy that only cost $7 are being sold for up to $90! Don’t quit your day job yet, but I will be showing you actual examples of this kind of deception. You are probably wondering, with things so tight in the USA, how can people spend so much money on something that was handmade in Bali and bought so cheap. Well than brings me to your second lesson! 2. Perceived value. Etsy is in fact full of customers that want to believe the illusion that “you made it”. So much that they are willing to tune out any possibility that they are being scammed! If you notice, you hear very little about these kinds of situations, simply because they want to keep their customers in that state of mind. “One hand washes the other, so to speak”. Its unfortunate for real artist who can’t work for $3 a day, but it works for us, because “we want the money” and are  going into business to make good profits. Right? Now its time to look at a spreadsheet of what you can buy these earrings for!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

LOOK AT THAT! Nothing over $2. Finally, the real prices of earrings! You also get a real picture of what an earring artist might look like and you see his stock is an assembly line. He is NOT in the USA or Thailand. Now treat yourself to a surprise and go to Etsy.com and do a search for tribal earrings and see what you find. Many of the same earrings are all over Etsy being presented as handmade items by the sellers. That brings us to lesson #3. “YOU CAN BE THERE TOO MAKING MONEY TOO!” The lesson here is you actually “lose money making anything to sell on Etsy”, but you are going to be heavily rewarded for being able to create the illusion that you are a struggling artist. (The top sellers on Etsy are in fact suppliers of products to make things, not artists)  I learned that lesson years ago. A 55 year old art teacher that was doing art shows and teaching gave me the following advise. “Don’t be an artist!” You can be an art hobbyist, but do not be and artist. There is some sense in that. Institutions of education are in fact businesses that want to sell you their program. All in one night I changed my college major to business!

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Resell on Etsy, How, Why, Cash in on big profits!

Hello, I am new to making a blog, but I am quite excited to relay the information I have collected to offer the struggling business public. Remember, this site is for information purposes only. As markets change, some venues have become unprofitable for making a living, and other venues, such as niche market sites have become ripe for making huge profits. You only need to appear to comply with their rules in order to quality as a vendor. After that, you start making big profits, and these sites will do their best to keep you going strong!  Etsy is only one of the sites I want to talk about, and there are many now developing. There are so many resellers now on etsy, it makes one wonder why they don’t split their site into two parts; (1) true artists and craftsmen and (2) commercial groups representing entities like corporate groups, large Chinese factories, sweat shops in poor countries, and everybody else that is obviously “not an artist”. But be assured that this will “never” happen, and now is a perfect time to act upon the loopholes available for doing business. I will give you examples of shops making a lot of money reselling, their sources, and some recommendations on how to take advantage of these resources. If you think I am incorrect in my perceptions, simply go to etsy and look at one of their coveted top sellers “tribalstyle”, who sells $200,000 or more a year in tribal earrings. Please note you can find them right here;  http://www.etsy.com/shop/TribalStyle. Now lets take a look at what they sold and what they say about themselves. This site has sold 23,534 pairs of earrings since 2-01-2010. So, according to their profile, they are just spreading some love and light around the planet in the form of tribal earrings handmade in the small country called Bali. They neglected to include this information in their profile, since it might upset people to know where the earrings really come from and how cheap the earrings are in that country. And another question, how long does it take to pack 600 – 1000 pairs of earrings a month? The rules of etsy say you have to make or have most of the control making your items. But this company operates out of the USA, right. Well, sort of, but lets look deeper.

OK, wow! Here they are on Ebay, lets see how they are doing!


Looks like they joined Ebay 10-14-2010, and they only have 243 feedbacks from selling on Ebay! Bummer! I guess they did not get to spread much light and love on Ebay? In their store I would like to quote what they say about themselves. “Tribal Organics is a subsidiary of COCOLOCO Organic Jewelry” They also say they plan to plant trees if you buy earrings, how kind, how many trees did they plant for Etsy where the real money was made? So, it makes one wonder who these people really are. Check this website to find out;


WOW, here they are looking spiffy and rich! That is a long way from Cleveland, Ohio. Not only that, they are a corporation seeking money, and they have a warehouse in Calif. It also appears that many of the earrings showing on this site are sold all over etsy and Ebay, and the rest of the internet. Well, so much for handmade on etsy, right? In all honesty, why is there a lack of all this information on Etsy about “tribalstyle”? Well, here is your first lesson in making big money on the internet. 1. Don’t give too much information! On etsy, selling earrings on Tribalstyle looks like a bunch of young girls having fun in the photos, right? You will also see photos of movie stars wearing earrings, people that probably dont know their photo is on Etsy. We can pretty much see that re-selling earrings on etsy is pretty profitable, for some. Yes, I say for some, because some have been kicked off, and the ones making the most money are protected so they can stay and keep making money. Thats right! The more money you make for the big company, the less likely they will give you the boot! Did they tell etsy this was their team of artists working together under their control in Bali, a poor country to make several Americans richer on a site that is supposed to be for artists looking for a place where they can sell and not have to compete with large commercial groups in poor countries. I can only applaud such tricky and aggressive e-commerce techniques. This leaves a perfect loophole for you to climb into and make some money. The lesson is, you can see it being done right here, right now, by others exploiting the same loopholes! In my next installment, I will give you many sources where you can obtain these kinds of products and start your own little stockpile of cash. Until then, Peace and Love!

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