Resell on Etsy, How, Why, Cash in on big profits! Part #4

I would like to wrap up this business about reselling earrings on Etsy by giving you other successful examples of people reselling this product and even more sites you can order from to get your products. Probably selling earrings is not for everybody. Remember that this site is for “information purposes only” and possibly entertainment. I don’t really expect people to send off to websites to buy earrings, but if you are unemployed, or losing your home and need some extra money, you may find some inspiration in reading my blog. I will be introducing many other products, their sources, and examples of people marketing them. I are not asking for donations, I are not writing a book (yet), and these are only opinions written into these blog pages. I can only offer you research, including a little comic relief, and you can make up your own minds on the usefulness or connectivity of the information. This information won’t help the world recession, or unemployment in some countries, but it shows that within desperate times, opportunity knocks. I have said these exact words many times in consulting people on business. We can also research new topics and post if you request your wish list.

Please check the following shops on Etsy for information about the kinds of earrings that are reselling.  Some companies are resellers on Ebay and then went into etsy. Some companies simply post their items on every available site that looks profitable. One ploy is to start a bunch of companies under different names with different credit cards and try to look different so you can maximize your exposure and profits. More about that later.

You will want to check out many companies for examples of hot reselling items on etsy. The way to find out what people are selling over and over is to simply navigate to the page of sold items. Those are the items you will want to order since they will produce multiple sales. Make a list, copy the folder to your hard drive, and shop the items around for the best price.

This is a good example of a company that looked one way last year and then copied a number or photo styles, keywords, and earring styles from other venders. What happens on sites like etsy is that several people selling the same thing will renew their listings to fight to be on the first page. A few companies can be seen double posting, and even double posting the same earrings using two or more different shops, trying to trying to make it harder for other shops to be seen. If you think etsy is friendly. Think again. People want money, and to get it, you have to be aggressive and ruthless. Just remember, its only business, and we want to “follow the money”.

Now here is a deal! 40% off on earrings you didn’t make but bought on a reseller website and marked up  6-10 times. How generous! Notice all the references to the word Buddhism. Are we to believe that these are just good Buddhists having a 40% sale to spread a little light and love. These people are slick and professional. It takes skill to present earrings as nicely as they do. This brings us to another important point! “Don’t try to say you are an artist and make it look too professional!” It takes a lot of skills to work on the net. Few people can manage to do all those skills well. Most companies that look professional are hiring 5-10 people to help them work Also, “don’t have 40% sales on items that you want people to believe that you made them”. In reality, you will chase off the very people that have a pocket full of money You are in fact insulting the buyers that want to pay “more money than necessary” for something they want to believe you handmade” Here is the message here – “I am not some old person sitting behind my computer in South Carolina. We are in fact, young, cool, hippie Boho people who are New Age and want you to feel good because selling earrings is related to Buddha. (NOT) Nice ploy, but they stick out like a sore thumb trying to one up everybody with their “charisma” and “good Karma”. Hold on, I suddenly feel all ooey gooey  inside! Here is the listing that drew my attention to this shop.

Its easy to discontinue items you never made, especially when you can buy them for $1-$2 on “” and still blow them out for $12! My guess is they weren’t selling and should never have been purchased in the first place.

Now here is a rare example of a well maintained shop! They take the same earrings that many other people are selling and make them look “upperclass”. They are not overly greedy either. This is a shop with a statement, and you can feel the love and meditation when you buy there. Good job! Copy this style, but it will take some creativity and effort on your part.

This next shop and “Theearringchest” appear to have the exact same earrings? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well it matters little, but it is an example of a shop that only sells the inexpensive low grade products. Meaning $1-$2 cost per pair of earrings or even less.

Now here is a new shop selling the same earrings. He was not making enough money on Ebay selling treated Jade, here he is reselling the exact earrings with the exact same photos he uses on Ebay. There is a big lesson here. Don’t be lazy. Take new photos. You are too easy to spot as an opportunist!

Nice try, but you will never be a contender, and lets hope you don’t mix your goods on Etsy and try to say you are making bangles. 🙂

A couple words here. It may not be a good idea to be a reseller on Ebay and transfer your goods to Etsy, using the same name and photos. Many Etsy buyers don’t like Ebay and are hoping to have a better buying experience on Etsy. This guy likes to sell popular earring styles and undercut everybody on prices. Lets look at his real business as a reseller.

This reseller on Ebay has been selling Jade right through the US Embargo on Jade with Burma. In the photo, the one “Natural Jade Bangle” that sold for $60 is treated. Hawaii on Ebay is not the place to buy any Jade. Contrary to popular belief, there is no real Jade coming from China. All the Jade is smuggled in through Rulee into China and later the price goes up from there. I think the US and Burma are now friends, if you want to sell Jade, you may want to check on the Embargo. Most of these kinds of treated bangles can be had for less than $5, often $1-$3 dollars. In fact, a lot of Jade is not Jade at all, but dyed Agate. One trick in China is to take a huge rough stone and implant bits of Jade to make windows in the Agate to sell it as Jade to the unknowing. Now if you want to buy real nice Nephrite carvings or material to carve, China is the place. Some of the modern carvings are masterworks of the culture. Even though most of the old masters of Jade have passed away, new young talented people can be found taking up the profession and putting their own spin of creativity on it.

If you want to create an identity of an artist, do yourself a favor, and don’t be caught selling dubious products. Ebay and Etsy are not that far apart. I believe some ex-Ebay employees are now working at Etsy! Remember now, I am not an expert, but only a researcher. This is just my opinion.

Here is my last offering of people that resell earring examples;

There is a lesson in this last one. They have been on etsy a long long that and have not done so well until lately. They generally have inferior copies of what everybody else is selling. They are selling some of the same earrings on Artfire for as little as $1-$2. They are in fact on their pity potty. The reseller thinks that telling you they are just poor artists working together because they didn’t get their fair share working for the man! I hate to tell ya, but you are not getting your share now. Nobody likes folks that represent yourself as poor underdogs. Venice Beach, Ca is full of street people that had high paying office jobs, some scientists. The word on the street is that the owner is some lady from Indonesia that travels to Bali and other parts of Indonesia to beat down workers to the absolute lowest price. How do we know this? All carvings have a look to them, allowing you to often know exactly what part of Bali or Indonesia they come from and what the quality is. For old times buying Asian goods, they know all the tricks and quality levels too. Its like an artistic signature. Sometimes when Indonesians need money before holidays, they shop around buckets of carved items, often inferior, at give-a-way prices. Don’t you wish you were there to buy up some of these items? This is another seller that is everywhere. Ebay, Etsy, Artfire, Dwanda, and who knows where else. It is either good planning or enthusiastic desperation. The same photos and the same look on every site. Remember, we warned you about that.

Don’t forget to update this in your notes for reselling tribal fake gauges (Earrings) on Etsy. Watching shops do what they do is a great way to hone your reselling skills.
This shop in particular is going through some changes, but they are successful at giving the illusion they are a group of people making these earrings, even though you can buy them very cheap on dozens of websites. This site and the site above in fact have many of the same products. This guy here, if he sees something he don’t have or that is selling well, he makes a poor copy of it and tries to pass it off as the same carved earring. This is a good technique for beating down your competition.
Find a similar but cheaper product and price it up the same and say yours is better. This works in short runs if you want to try it.
I will end this post here, and in the next section, I will give you a list of places to buy these kinds of earrings that have not been mentioned so far.
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