Reselling on Etsy for Big Profits; Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my information series.  Are you ready to take a look at reselling in action? Do you want to spend the very minimum, and make the most money? Just imagine, $500 only, you can get 200-500 pairs of hand carved earrings, and “slam, bang, BOOM”, you are in business almost over night. That brings us to main point number 3! “COPY YOUR COMPETITION!” Don’t waste a lot of time trying to be original or professional. It won’t pay off. Find somebody that is selling a lot of something and sell that. There are 100s of examples of earring photos on etsy, and some pro companies are not doing so well. Some of the best photos of earrings are simply photographed on the ground. Digital cameras are so cheap now, you can buy one for under $100. it will work good enough. A lot of photos on Etsy are “out of focus” anyway. You will get your money back and more after the 1st month. Lets look at an etsy store that spends very little on their products, double posts, and appears to reap the maximum amount of profit for their time.

Now, simply direct yourself to this site, or check the photos:

Looks like this this changed their name. As often happens with resellers of merchandise on Etsy, you don’t want to be found out, or called out as sometimes happens, thus, changing your name is one way to draw attention away from yourself as a reseller. We will also give you more tips on this in our new posts. So, to check out this seller, you will not have to go here!

Here is the new logo and new look.

For those doing research on reselling on Etsy, not that the new logo says the name is now a Trademark! Its always nice to pretend that you have a Trademark, but since everybody on Etsy is selling the same earrings, and they all come from Bali, that would be a really good trick to claim you are designing these and your stuff is copyrighted. My suggestion for reselling on Etsy is not to claim anything you cannot prove. You never know when you will be called on to show what you claim to be. We will be updating you with new information as we find it. We will soon publish a web book with all the sources and ideas in it to resell on Etsy.

Just a note here as I see an important lesson for you on the first page! Don’t sell anything that does not relate to what you are trying to sell. That one item that says “vintage, ivory, hand-carved”,its a complete fantasy. Its not ivory, its carved bone, its not old, and its not worth anywhere near $200. The word ivory is the kiss of death. It looks nothing at all like old ivory, most collectors can see that for themselves. People will then have to speculate if this person is honest or not. Don’t show up with anything that will cast doubt on your credibility as an artist!

The first thing I would like you to notice is that this reseller spends very little money on his stock.  He buys almost all of it from one shop online. However, if you look at the other shops on Etsy, you will see many of the same items for sale. Lets see what the vendor says about himself in the profile and if it is believable. Remember if you cannot show credibility, don’t say very much.

OK, they are using recycled bone and horn? What kind of bone would that be and from where? Bali has huge stocks of materials to make earrings and larger carvings. In fact, the materials are in so much demand, some companies have people out scouting for the material. All this material is native to Bali, and I suspect that importing it into Thailand would not be easy or cost efficient. This would be the first flaw in this story. So, they made 2690 sales in one year, but they claim the husband is cutting the earrings. That would be a good trick even for an Indonesian to do. Better to just buy them off a website and not tell anybody, right? Its a long story and sounds like they were laboring to get it all out. In the sales world, less is more! After you look at how many earrings “Tribalstyle” sold in one year, and after you read there profile, it looks like they are doing a lot better spreading a little love and light around. You don’t have to labor to believe their story, and they are making a lot more money! Don’t forget, follow the money.

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