My associate and I have finished digesting your latest posts. You seem to keep painting yourself as a victim of some person upset with getting kicked off of Etsy. You must have a huge ego to think you are even that important. There are much bigger fish in the sea, as you stated yourself. Our personal interest in resellers is the following. We have a forthcoming book on “Aggressive Behavior on the Internet in business”, and our research and investigations will be published in that. We will also analyze some of the resellers and how they responded to being called out. It will all be very interesting. From our little bit of research, people getting kicked off Etsy, either go back with new names and credit cards, new internet IPs, or they just wander off and do new things. You keep trying to divert attention off yourself, on to people seeking revenge, and other people that are reselling like you are. OK, we agree with something you said. There are big bank robbers stealing millions, then there are the ones robbing mom and pop stores. We understand you fall into the later category. You are in fact are keeping people that really make stuff from making money on etsy by taking the easy profitable way out. Etsy was not created to be scammed. In the beginning, I think they had honest intentions of running a clean site. Then politics slipped in, the politics of making money. People on our team, (other students) note how you operate. You attack certain sellers that you don’t like. You shadow their listings using different names and spamming keywords in your listings. Sometimes you copy their photostyles to look like them. You have a website where you post their clothing as you try to report them. Then after you get rid of these sellers, you buy their styles and post them. Like cocoricooo who you mentioned, we note you have been buying up some of their clothing and reselling them by shadowing their listings. If you want to argue this, we can post all the links in our next message. You seem to want to mention the big guy that is reselling on etsy and getting away with it, but you forgot to mention who. OK, lets look at them.
There are so many resellers now on etsy, it makes one wonder why they don’t split their site into two parts; (1) true artists and craftsmen and (2) commercial groups representing entities like corporate groups, large Chinese factories, sweat shops in poor countries, and everybody else that is obviously “not an artist”. But be assured that this will “never” happen, and now is a perfect time for resellers like you to act upon the loopholes available for doing business. If you think I am incorrect in my perceptions, simply go to etsy and look at one of their coveted top sellers “tribalstyle”, who sells $200,000 or more a year in tribal earrings. Please note you can find them right here; Now lets take a look at what they sold and what they say about themselves. This site has sold 23,534 pairs of earrings since 2-01-2010. So, according to their profile, they are just spreading some love and light around the planet in the form of tribal earrings handmade in the small country called Bali. They neglected to include this information in their profile, since it might upset people to know where the earrings really come from and how cheap the earrings are in that country. And another question, how long does it take to pack 600 – 1000 pairs of earrings a month? The rules of etsy say you have to make or have most of the control making your items, photos, packing, all factors involved. All of this is supposed to be noted in your profile. But this company operates out of the USA, right. Well, sort of, but lets look deeper. OK, wow! Here they are on Ebay, lets see how they are doing!
Looks like they joined Ebay 10-14-2010, and they only have 243 feedbacks from selling on Ebay! Bummer! I guess they did not get to spread much light and love on Ebay? In their store I would like to quote what they say about themselves. “Tribal Organics is a subsidiary of COCOLOCO Organic Jewelry” They also say they plan to plant trees if you buy earrings, how kind, how many trees did they plant for Etsy where the real money was made? So, it makes one wonder who these people really are. Check this website to find out;
WOW, here they are looking spiffy and rich! That is a long way from Cleveland, Ohio. Not only that, they say they  are a corporation seeking money, and they have a warehouse in Calif. It also appears that many of the earrings showing on this site are sold all over etsy and Ebay, and the rest of the internet. Look at Theearringchest. Well, so much for handmade on etsy, right? In all honesty, why is there a lack of all this information on Etsy about “tribalstyle”? On etsy, selling earrings on Tribalstyle looks like a bunch of young girls having fun in the photos, right? You will also see photos of movie stars wearing earrings (spamming  movie star photos,” The girl with the dragon tattoo”), the people probably dont know their photo is on Etsy but it has sold dozens of the same pair of earrings from the movie. We can pretty much see that re-selling earrings on etsy is pretty profitable, for some. Yes, I say for some, because some have been kicked off, and the ones making the most money are protected so they can stay and keep making money. Thats right! The more money you make for the big company, the less likely they will give you the boot! Did they tell etsy this was their team of artists working together under their control in Bali, a poor country to make several Americans richer on a site that is supposed to be for artists looking for a place where they can sell and not have to compete with large commercial groups in poor countries.
So there you go, and you are right, in the business of reselling earrings, Theearringchest pales under people that are obviously smarter,  bigger, and richer. We note that after Theearringchest started to copy some of their styles by buying them from the same websites, Tribalstyle came back selling many of your styles to put your business in perspective. They are in the USA, so, that is a big plus for selling earrings.

You also mentioned China as reselling a lot of clothing. Almost all of the clothing on, and is made in China, not in Thailand. Our take on Anyonesfashion is that the new name of the store was made so that they could try to kick off other etsy resellers, then go and buy and post their popular items as though they made them. Yes, very clever, very aggressive business, and as a reseller and it may be a good strategy. But remember, etsy just releases a message that they are trying to get rid of resellers and clean up the site. They are asking for help with that. Our future book or web book will address that issue. Getting kicked off easy is not a big deal. A new name, a new ATM card, a new computer connection, and you are back in business until somebody reports you again. You should do what you want to do. You are coming on way to strong about protecting resellers to be who you say you are. We think you are just a mad reseller. If you are interested in calling out resellers, this site can help your with that. If you are whining about being called out, there is no help for that. If you want to help with our research, we welcome you to contribute information you think is true and we might be able to use. Remember, Ebay is for resellers. Yes, some of the resellers on Etsy have huge sites on Ebay. In the future that could all change. Imagine if you will, Etsy converting back to their original plan. A site where people can make things at home to sell! Being on etsy means putting work into every item to be different. Some designs of earrings on Theearringchest can be found 20-50 times on the net. All the people on etsy are claiming they are cutting them and putting in posts, even though you can buy them already cut on numerous website. So, who do we are we to believe, a defensive reseller that got called out, or websites that keep making money from people like you selling it to you? Theearringchest and Thaisaket would have us believe that these two people, are designing clothing, making clothing that looks like everybody else, cutting earrings that look like everybody else and having time to run all these shops. Everybody knows what goes on in Thailand. Everybody knows that Thailand is full of shops that sell the stuff that is all over Etsy. Its a matter or priority. Do you want to be the problem, the cause of the problem, or the solution? You asked for the original people to come out. OK, we now have told you what we are doing. These sites are now labeled as reseller sites by people that are concerned about doing business on Etsy. Not one person, but many people have joined in the fight to clean up etsy. Thankyou for your offers, however, we already have experts in web communication in our group of friends.

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  1. Thankyou for your information. We respect any opinions that we receive. We are not representing sellers or resellers. We are providing information as we research it. Selling is a whole different issue. We are aware that in the beginning Etsy did start with a lot of real artists. But they in fact made little money. So, it was expected to see a lot of people joining to sell items they did not make. Etsy has new rules that blurs the lines even further. When they set up for selling multiple items, it was a signal for resellers to join. Very few artists make the same items over and over quickly. For the most part, most of the items sold as handmade items are the lowest quality one can buy. We are just a few people running this site with opinions. We only state opinions. We ask people to read our opinions to make them think. If this motivates you the reader to think, we are happy with that. Most of the sites that we spoke about survived till this day. Some were kicked off and found a way to come back. The fact is anybody can make money reselling on Etsy. If you notice, we did not say it was right or wrong. Thats up to you. We are planning a callout section where anybody can post what they think and who they want to call out.

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