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  1. When I first found out about Etsy, I was really excited. Here was my chance to buy unique items from artists around the world and maybe find a niche for some of the curious little objects that I make. However, hot on the tails of Etsy, I found Regretsy, then Calling Out on Etsy, then your blog and all the other blogs and overage of resellers and rip-off merchants on Etsy.
    I have made a few small purchases from Etsy of items that I know for sure are handmade, but I have given up on the idea of selling my crafts through them. They are not a company that I want to work with at all.

  2. We tend to agree. The best way to get rid of “resellers” in a handmade crafts market is to simply not buy from them. On etsy, you are paying more for products that are often imported from China or other countries in Asia. Many of the products are cheaply made in poor countries. Just say no to buying these products. You should check on Ebay first to get a better price, or many “Ioffer”.

  3. SReynolds

    There are probably 100 times more Asian resellers on Ebay than on Etsy. It sounds like you don’t really have a problem with resellers as much as you have a problem with Etsy not running the way you want it to run. Its a bit childish to try to ‘take Etsy down’ by diverting people to eBay just because they don’t listen to you.

    Maybe when you open your own selling sight and have invested your own money, you’ll get to call the shots. I don’t think Etsy really cares what you think.

    • So whats your point? This site talks about how you can make money by reselling on easy. It is not reporting anybody, it makes no judgements about Asians. Anybody can start a business by reselling on Etsy. The rules of Etsy also are changing and it is becoming more like Ebay. Do any of this mean anything, not really. I was gathering data to write a book, so I started this blog, I have not been very active lately with the blog. It you have anything useful to at to my blog, I would like to hear it.

    • Not really, Ebay may have more Asian sellers. The point is not to take anybody down. The point is to share the information so people can have a good time and prosper. The sites are always changing, and there are new ruled. You want to work with that. You are never calling the shots. You can invest the money and the time, but you are selling in another persons venue. So, you have to be smart and follow the rules smartly. That want you to make them money.

    • We are not diverting people anywhere. We are trying to help people make up there minds on what they want to do and how they can accomplish that. There is a lot of bias in what you say. If you are American and think you are buying American products, think again. Like designer shirts made in Cambodia that carry the label from an American store costing $1, then the price in the store is $100.
      You don’t have to look very farther than the USA for name brand stores to carry cheap products. We are not recommending Etsy, nor do we say don’t sell there. What we are saying is its easy to start a business there whether you make anything or not. There are a lot of execs out of jobs in the USA that could take $2000 from their savings and already have a net business that brings in income in a month or two. I would bet money on it.

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