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Resell on Etsy, How, Why, Cash in on big profits! Part #5, the last post

Yes, this is the last post on earrings, for now. I have more material to present than expected, and this turned into a longer group of postings. I will give you a list of sites to go check out. See below.

Please note that this included people selling “lots” of earrings on Ebay also. Its good money! You buy earrings for $1 each, put then into a job lot, and ask $2 – $3 per pair. It provides a startup opportunity for people to test reselling if they have never done it before. Also note, that one of the people offering wholesale lots is none other than tribalstyle on Etsy. That makes them a corporation, a wholesaler, and a reseller, and they get away with it. This is the person to watch and copy their successful techniques.

On my blog, I will answer questions or provide insight and information, however, I may not be equipped to handle your “ISSUES”. Yes, if you was kicked off etsy or Ebay, I can probably provide you with a solution, or direct you to somebody that can. If you have real issues, I suggest you contact the following websites.

Of all the websites out there about experiences on Etsy, this one takes the cake! It is full of satire, real life situations, useful information, and the people contributing to this site are obviously “at the top of their game”. Worth a look!

Probably a completely dead site. Looks like no action in one year. One good thing about the site is their list of resellers. It appears that most of the people on that list are no longer on etsy. As far as beating up on soap resellers, forget it. There is really no money in selling soap in etsy. We are only interested in items with big easy profits! Right?

This site looks like the real thing, with a slightly feminist feel to it. It appears organized, and right to the point. If you feel like a real loser, you might find some solace there. After awhile, most ex-etsy people realize that the game is over. Time for you to change your computer, your internet, your credit card, your identity, and what you are selling. If you lost money, oh well. Most of these sites are in fact hard to get a post on them. They also have their own agendas, and it may not be saving you. Save yourself.

That is about all the sites there are to respond to about etsy. Pitiful, right? What that means is nobody really cares if you lost your business. Reselling is a word you don’t say and pretend you got that covered. Until a few people jump out windows, and put it on Facebook, nobody is going to notice people getting kicked off Etsy. Which brings up an important question? How many Etsy sellers really did jump out windows or end up homeless after Etsy removed them. I think we will never know since all threads will be silenced!

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