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HOW TO RESELL ON ETSY, How to use this site to make money! GOOD for the UNEMPLOYED, Laid OFF!

Hello, I want to take a break from my usual posts to talk about something important. Although my site is just posted for entertainment value, it may be possible that somebody out there can use it to make money. It goes a lot deeper than just reselling a few earrings or clothing items online. You must work at it like it is a regular job, except you are your own boss. Nobody tells you what to do. You can be as creative, or “dirty creative” as you can think up. You are anonymous. You also must have a plan! I have read a number of stories of people that had high paying jobs and have been out of work for 1-3 years. I found it hard to believe. How could somebody that could run a whole section of a large company be out of work for 3 years, lose their home and car, while applying for 100s of jobs and being turned down. You have to figure, with this kind of skill and a little investment capital, a person with this skill level could succeed big time reselling on some of these internet sites. They would also have the skills to camouflage themselves about who they are. They would still have credit or the potential to get a small loan. You don’t have to look like a beginner to resell on Etsy. You don’t have to be in some foreign country and pretend you speak poor English to sell on Etsy. You don’t have to make your photos look like you can’t use a camera. You don’t really need any artist skills. You only need one thing, the ability to work hard, and the ability to appear like you are in control of making things that Etsy allows you to sell in their marketplace. Thats it! Not so hard, but you have to be accurate to make it easy.

If you are “out of work”, and looking for a new job, consider this. Don’t start selling off your assets to try to survive until you can find work! Never let it get that far. My suggestion for people today is to have a “work hobby” they do part time from home. Don’t go full time with it, keep it as a hobby, but build it up in the background while you are working. Give family members the responsibility of helping you while you are growing. Make it fun too! Can a job hobby be as fun as playing golf? SURE! WHY NOT? “MAKE IT FUN” for you and the others around you, if possible. A lot of folks that get laid off , unemployed, may not realize how LUCKY they could be. Here is an opportunity to completely create yourself in a new way! The way you really want to be. Reach back into your memories for everything you ever liked to do, would like to try, and have tried and didn’t have time to succeed. Hobbies have often provided the momentum to launch new careers, independent ones. Yes, I can hear you thinking! You think it is too late for all of this. You are too old. You are too broke. You are too depressed! All I can say is this! Give it up! Don’t be victimized by your thoughts. Put all of that in a paper bag and set this outside of your back door. Then you are ready for the next step, ACTION! 

That was not just a little pep talk. You can create your own reality day by day, Minute by minute. Its up to you. I suspect there are a bunch of 14 year olds reselling on etsy under names claiming they are older. I used to have a friend when I was 11, we shoveled snow together and made a lot of money. One way to make it more easy is to get together with a friend or friends to get your business up and running. Pooling efforts is a great way to make a business. I would say family first if you can, but friends out of work can make it happen too. I have seen companies startup on Etsy and sell 100 items the first month. Items like clothing, that costs maybe $3-$8 and sold for $25 to $60. I will be talking about clothing in my next article. This means, you can make money right away!  Are you ready to TAKE ACTION? Then read on.

Remember, you don’t have to be an unemployed exec to do this. You can start very with little money and a minimum of actual skills, even no skill. If you are ready to take action, here is exactly how to get started. You want to resell on Etsy, or other sites, correct? You will need a digital camera and a tripod. Cameras are so cheap now, you can buy one for under $100, maybe under $50. Some of the older models will work good. I have a friend that does not even use a computer to be on Etsy. He has an old Iphone and uses his phone camera to take photos. His site is very small, but he picks up $1000 a month from his desk at his real job! I would suggest an older 5MP camera, the most expensive one you can afford. Some of the older deluxe models were $1000, and now can be had for $35 dollars on Ebay, and they still work good. You can still find batteries for the better ones, also add-on parts. Buy a cheap tripod, and take your photos outdoors. Earrings are a great profit and easy to photo. You will need a contrasting background like a rock, leaves, or simply on a white piece of paper. The easy thing is, there are already 100s of people reselling earrings on Etsy, Ebay, and other sites.Simply look at how they present the items they are selling and copy the styles you like. Have a problem about copying? Remember this! No matter how hard you try to copy somebody, there are certain judgements made by people that cannot be copied. In the end, it will end up looking like you, not them, since you did it. Your choices are your signature in life. I would take the photos outside, with your back against the sun to avoid shadows. And don’t forget, practice!  If you need inspiration, Etsy themselves has a lot of information available for you to get going. or There are so many articles on this, it could fill a book. Don’t buy a book, get it all free, online. or . My suggestion is not to stress over this too much. Many people have gone to school for product photography. It has developed into a marketing science. Build up your confidence by spending a day or two just taking photos to build up your skills. If you can take a photo of your friends clearly, you are already to resell on etsy. You only need to crop the photo, or rather to cut out the extra areas around the item you want to sell. I recommend selling earrings or clothing to get started because there are so many examples of how people are doing it, you can emulate the people that are already succeeding at making money. One other thing, Clothing is one of the most sold products on Ebay, Etsy and the internet. Remember, they are making money, SO CAN YOU! Think about it this way. On a site like Etsy, you see a lot of people reselling clothing, earrings and other products directly from their own country, like China, Thailand, Korea,and India.If you start your business in the USA selling the same products, you have a great advantage! People can get the goods faster, shipping is cheap, and people are more likely to trust you because you are in your own country! If you have questions about all of this, feel free to contact us for helpful infomation. If we don’t know it, we will give you a link.

Now that you are ready to take ACTION, I would like to recommend a couple things that will help you get inspired.

1. Buy a small notebook and start a journal. Keep records of your thoughts.

2. Make yourself a “want list” of what you want to acquire! This can be as long or as short at you want it. This is your affirmation that you  are now creating  a positive motion in your life to get what you want. One other thing, if you get anything on that list, be sure and sign it and post a date on the items that came to you!  This will keep your mind positive. You also acknowledge all the good that is about to come into your life or is already part of your life.

3. In your journal, be sure and write down anything pertinent to your growing business and mental health. This could be notes about your competitors, product assessments, sources to get your product to resell, fears of success, new skills you may want to acquire, and just about anything that seems important to you at the moment.

4. A record of what you think you have accomplished, what went wrong, and what you hope to accomplish.

5. One more suggestion, don’t harbor negative thoughts about hurting others. If you do what you do to the best of your ability, money and success will come. People can smell negative energy. Some sites never seem to make it. Something is missing. It could be something as simple as “perceived intention”.  People want to associate themselves with a positive person like them. More companies will drop off into the void of failure every day. The went as far as they could go on their perception. New startups will keep coming. This is called “in and out”. This is the main part of reality that you can depend on! Styles come in, styles go out. This makes you money! Some people will hang on. Like the “hippy days”. Its now 2012, not 1969. And the good news is……… all of that has been recycled! Today everybody is looking to integrate part of their past into their present life. This creates emotional impulsive buys of merchandise, creating you more money! Get in tune with this.

6. Look for fads or trends! Google ” 2012 trends” and write it down in your journal. People want to be apart of what is happening, and people want to include in their life something they were happy with and cannot find easily anymore. Remember, good selling is “finding a need” and then you fill it. You are actually putting positive energy into people lives by helping them find what they think they want or think they need.

Remember, there is nothing like research! There is so much information available today on      , you can teach yourself all the skills you need to do anything you might imagine, right in front of your TV. Believe me, there are homeless people working right out of their cars they are sleeping in, right in Florida! Some people are sitting in Mcdonalds for the free internet. There are many success stories about people coming up from no money, no job. When the money goes, so will most of your friends. But don’t worry, you will make many new friends as you struggle to pull it together. Research will be one of  your best tools to get yourself going. So, now you say, “hey, I thought you said this was going to be easy?”. Now you got me keeping journals, doing research, learning new skills, and making affirmative want lists! Whats the deal? This is more complicated than I wanted to get involved in? OK, I want to refer you back to my early blogs about “reselling earrings on Etsy”. Yes, it is that simple. Buy some earrings for $500 or less at $1-$2 each and resell them on Etsy. Easy, right? I want to inspire you to go beyond yourself! Remember! Just because you have never been over the hill does not mean that over the hill will not be a better life. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. If you grew up in the ghetto, you now what I am talking about. To get out of your box, out of your limits, you may have to take on new ideas that are uncomfortable at first, right?  I will get back to my original blog soon, this was just a little pep talk about getting going. Get some inspiration from other people on the same path as you. Check out some videos:

There are 100s of these kinds of videos. Remember, one sentence that you may hear, could change your whole life. Everybody has a “hearingness” a filter in their brain that looks at everything they read or hear. Don’t allow yourself to be deaf on purpose. Expand your “hearingnees” to encompass all forms of information. What you may be blocking out may keep you from getting what your really want. We all admit to wanting money? But what for? Just to pay bills? Write down your motivations in your journal. Remember, stay balanced, stay tuned, get into actions, you are only weeks away from the money!

My disclaimer; What I am doing here is stirring up ideas. I don’t profess to be an intellectual. I don’t profess to be a professional. I don’t profess to be experienced. If you find something here for you, that you think you can relate to, take it and run with it. I may never get any further than writing a blog, but this in fact is my “online journal”. There are a lot of folks on the internet telling you that you can make money like them by following them. That is not the point here. You can make money for sure by following others. But I encourage you to follow yourself  and help others when you can. As other people come and join this blog, it will become our online journal.

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