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Resell on Etsy, How, Why, Cash in on big profits!

Hello, I am new to making a blog, but I am quite excited to relay the information I have collected to offer the struggling business public. Remember, this site is for information purposes only. As markets change, some venues have become unprofitable for making a living, and other venues, such as niche market sites have become ripe for making huge profits. You only need to appear to comply with their rules in order to quality as a vendor. After that, you start making big profits, and these sites will do their best to keep you going strong!  Etsy is only one of the sites I want to talk about, and there are many now developing. There are so many resellers now on etsy, it makes one wonder why they don’t split their site into two parts; (1) true artists and craftsmen and (2) commercial groups representing entities like corporate groups, large Chinese factories, sweat shops in poor countries, and everybody else that is obviously “not an artist”. But be assured that this will “never” happen, and now is a perfect time to act upon the loopholes available for doing business. I will give you examples of shops making a lot of money reselling, their sources, and some recommendations on how to take advantage of these resources. If you think I am incorrect in my perceptions, simply go to etsy and look at one of their coveted top sellers “tribalstyle”, who sells $200,000 or more a year in tribal earrings. Please note you can find them right here; Now lets take a look at what they sold and what they say about themselves. This site has sold 23,534 pairs of earrings since 2-01-2010. So, according to their profile, they are just spreading some love and light around the planet in the form of tribal earrings handmade in the small country called Bali. They neglected to include this information in their profile, since it might upset people to know where the earrings really come from and how cheap the earrings are in that country. And another question, how long does it take to pack 600 – 1000 pairs of earrings a month? The rules of etsy say you have to make or have most of the control making your items. But this company operates out of the USA, right. Well, sort of, but lets look deeper.

OK, wow! Here they are on Ebay, lets see how they are doing!

Looks like they joined Ebay 10-14-2010, and they only have 243 feedbacks from selling on Ebay! Bummer! I guess they did not get to spread much light and love on Ebay? In their store I would like to quote what they say about themselves. “Tribal Organics is a subsidiary of COCOLOCO Organic Jewelry” They also say they plan to plant trees if you buy earrings, how kind, how many trees did they plant for Etsy where the real money was made? So, it makes one wonder who these people really are. Check this website to find out;

WOW, here they are looking spiffy and rich! That is a long way from Cleveland, Ohio. Not only that, they are a corporation seeking money, and they have a warehouse in Calif. It also appears that many of the earrings showing on this site are sold all over etsy and Ebay, and the rest of the internet. Well, so much for handmade on etsy, right? In all honesty, why is there a lack of all this information on Etsy about “tribalstyle”? Well, here is your first lesson in making big money on the internet. 1. Don’t give too much information! On etsy, selling earrings on Tribalstyle looks like a bunch of young girls having fun in the photos, right? You will also see photos of movie stars wearing earrings, people that probably dont know their photo is on Etsy. We can pretty much see that re-selling earrings on etsy is pretty profitable, for some. Yes, I say for some, because some have been kicked off, and the ones making the most money are protected so they can stay and keep making money. Thats right! The more money you make for the big company, the less likely they will give you the boot! Did they tell etsy this was their team of artists working together under their control in Bali, a poor country to make several Americans richer on a site that is supposed to be for artists looking for a place where they can sell and not have to compete with large commercial groups in poor countries. I can only applaud such tricky and aggressive e-commerce techniques. This leaves a perfect loophole for you to climb into and make some money. The lesson is, you can see it being done right here, right now, by others exploiting the same loopholes! In my next installment, I will give you many sources where you can obtain these kinds of products and start your own little stockpile of cash. Until then, Peace and Love!

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